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Point A to Point Z… I have a blog! February 16, 2012

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We went for a family hike a couple weeks ago… our first family hike, actually.  While I had been mourning the fact that my babies are not babies anymore, I was really excited to see what our boys, ages 3 and 5, would be able to do.  They got tired, but Husband and I encouraged them… “We’re almost there… Let’s get to that next view point and see what we can see… It will be so cool at the top… We just have to keep going ’til we get up to those people up there… Yes we can have a snack and rest at the top.”

While life can be about making it from this point to the next, we rarely make it without some help.

This blog is, first of all, another way that I can share the awesome ideas I’ve found and give credit where credit is due.  Secondly, I am excited to capture and record moments of my life and moments with my children.  And third, I need a creative outlet.  Maybe this one’ll stick.

Welcome to my blog!


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