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A Bigger Picture March 13, 2012

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So far my favorite thing about schooling at home is being present when my kids have those MOMENTS.  Those moments I would probably hear second-hand from a teacher.  Those moments that make me realize that he’s not just a person I ask to do stuff (ya know… I’m “teaching him to be independent”) but that he’s an ACTUAL PERSON.

I was able to realize today that J not only has his dad’s intelligence, but he’s an ARTIST!!!  (Whoop-whoop! YAAAAY!)  I’m pretty excited because I always saw J as just looking like me and having Husband’s personality: Intelligent/Introverted.  As much as I love Husband, my family is made up of artists and so I have a soft spot for people who can create.  (Mom: poetry & calligraphy, Dad: art & music, Brother: music)  So he’s not an introvert; he leans toward sensitive or emotional because he’s an ARTIST!

Today’s Phonics: Make a word, draw a picture.

His response: “That’s easy.”

Whoa.  Taking an object, figuring out how to represent it onto a piece of paper with lines and THEN it turns out that it LOOKS like the object = NOT easy.  Just ask Husband!  (LOL)

Back to the picture: Not only was it “easy,” but he put a STORY (very detailed but purely fiction) into each picture.

Word: Boat

Picture: Mommy and Daddy are fishing in a boat.  There are lots of fish. Mommy caught a fish and Daddy is the one to get the fish and put it in a bucket.  The water looks like that because there are waves.  There are waves because it’s windy (squiggles on the left).  The dark area is where it’s deep.  There’s a shark sleeping over there.

I am SO impressed.  🙂

I’m not saying he’s the next **insert famous artist’s name here.**  I’m just saying that I had a moment where I stared in amazement and thought “My kid is pretty cool!”

I know that parents have these moments with their children even if they’re not schooling at home.  I’m sure I’ve had these moments outside of today.  I guess what I’m seeing today is that this moment could’ve been so different.  J could be telling these stories to a classmate instead of me… and then get in trouble for talking.  He could’ve gotten in trouble for taking so much time because he couldn’t limit himself to drawing a simple shape of a boat… instead we were chillin’ on the couch, having one-on-one time and attention while brother was napping.

I’m really not against normal school – public/private/whatever.  I was a teacher.  We all just try to do our best with what we’ve got.  Main point: I am grateful for this experience to watch my children grow and learn.  I got to see, first-hand, my son draw and formulate ideas, ask questions, and even share his knowledge.

I’m saying it again and it probably won’t be the last time — it’s easy for me to look at the burdens of growing children.  It’s exhausting being a housekeeper, caretaker, teacher and cook.  Then there’s the mental, emotional and sometimes physical stress of being a parent.  Yet, here and there, God reminds me of a bigger picture: They aren’t mine to keep.  Nor are they a little-me or little-Husband.  They’re His creation.  He made them with their own gifts and personalities.  He has a plan for them just as they are.  I’m so glad that I’m here and that He chose me to be a part of it.


Just trying to make my way… Counting blessings. March 7, 2012

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We pulled the boys out of school in December… we “organized” my teaching stuff and came up with a “schedule” in January… Made checklists, chore charts, a planner and met some home-school friends in February… It’s March and I am looking at piles of laundry, my “home-school room” is also a playroom and storage room, my guest room is a holding area for our garage sale next month. It’s no longer something new and exciting.  It’s overwhelming.  I’m home, I have lessons to figure out and I have my own projects I want to do …yet I have all the normal upkeep stuff that just bring me down.

Life just doesn’t stop being crazy.  I thought I was homeschooling to be “less busy.”  But we’re not.  So today I’m reminded of the blessings that being at home has brought us.

  • My house is a bit of a mess because we’re here, living in it, learning in it, and enjoying it.
  • My boys are learning from me about EVERYTHING — how I spend and manage my time, how I take care of things and people –I’m obviously not perfect at it, but I love being able to figure it out together.  I hope it will make them good husbands in the future.
  • Husband and I get along really well when I’m home to manage the house stuff.

I was working during the 1st half of the school year and there were some blessings to come out of that, too:

  • I grew in my relationship with God.
  • I re-learned what it was to look forward to the weekend.  (When you’re a Stay-at-home-mom and Husband has been on deployments days run together and weekends don’t mean anything.)
  • I discovered teaching blogs and mom blogs.
  • After a stressful day dealing with other people’s kids (or other people in general) you don’t want to do anything at home.  This translates to what Husband feels like after dealing with some of his PVTs (or other people in general).

It’s overwhelming trying to focus on so many little things. So I started journaling again as a way to give all those little things to God. Looking at the blessings of where we are makes me motivated again.  If the boys are watching my every move, then I better make good ones…


I know that this way of life isn’t for everyone, but I’m so grateful that Husband and I made this decision.  Coming soon: a peek into our “easy” home-school, somewhat un-schooling way of life.