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A Bigger Picture March 13, 2012

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So far my favorite thing about schooling at home is being present when my kids have those MOMENTS.  Those moments I would probably hear second-hand from a teacher.  Those moments that make me realize that he’s not just a person I ask to do stuff (ya know… I’m “teaching him to be independent”) but that he’s an ACTUAL PERSON.

I was able to realize today that J not only has his dad’s intelligence, but he’s an ARTIST!!!  (Whoop-whoop! YAAAAY!)  I’m pretty excited because I always saw J as just looking like me and having Husband’s personality: Intelligent/Introverted.  As much as I love Husband, my family is made up of artists and so I have a soft spot for people who can create.  (Mom: poetry & calligraphy, Dad: art & music, Brother: music)  So he’s not an introvert; he leans toward sensitive or emotional because he’s an ARTIST!

Today’s Phonics: Make a word, draw a picture.

His response: “That’s easy.”

Whoa.  Taking an object, figuring out how to represent it onto a piece of paper with lines and THEN it turns out that it LOOKS like the object = NOT easy.  Just ask Husband!  (LOL)

Back to the picture: Not only was it “easy,” but he put a STORY (very detailed but purely fiction) into each picture.

Word: Boat

Picture: Mommy and Daddy are fishing in a boat.  There are lots of fish. Mommy caught a fish and Daddy is the one to get the fish and put it in a bucket.  The water looks like that because there are waves.  There are waves because it’s windy (squiggles on the left).  The dark area is where it’s deep.  There’s a shark sleeping over there.

I am SO impressed.  🙂

I’m not saying he’s the next **insert famous artist’s name here.**  I’m just saying that I had a moment where I stared in amazement and thought “My kid is pretty cool!”

I know that parents have these moments with their children even if they’re not schooling at home.  I’m sure I’ve had these moments outside of today.  I guess what I’m seeing today is that this moment could’ve been so different.  J could be telling these stories to a classmate instead of me… and then get in trouble for talking.  He could’ve gotten in trouble for taking so much time because he couldn’t limit himself to drawing a simple shape of a boat… instead we were chillin’ on the couch, having one-on-one time and attention while brother was napping.

I’m really not against normal school – public/private/whatever.  I was a teacher.  We all just try to do our best with what we’ve got.  Main point: I am grateful for this experience to watch my children grow and learn.  I got to see, first-hand, my son draw and formulate ideas, ask questions, and even share his knowledge.

I’m saying it again and it probably won’t be the last time — it’s easy for me to look at the burdens of growing children.  It’s exhausting being a housekeeper, caretaker, teacher and cook.  Then there’s the mental, emotional and sometimes physical stress of being a parent.  Yet, here and there, God reminds me of a bigger picture: They aren’t mine to keep.  Nor are they a little-me or little-Husband.  They’re His creation.  He made them with their own gifts and personalities.  He has a plan for them just as they are.  I’m so glad that I’m here and that He chose me to be a part of it.


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