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Time Flies… April 20, 2012

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I want to say “Where did March go?” but it’s already mid-April.  **sigh**  March was a really fun month with the boys.

We started out the month making calendars and talking about things that happen in March.  We found out that in March it was Dr. Seuss’ birthday and the seasons changed from Winter to Spring.  So we used those two things as themes.  When I asked the boys what we could do to celebrate these two things they came up with ideas that turned into projects.  🙂

We went to the library a lot and found new Dr. Seuss books…we did some fun Dr. Seuss themed art… we did story sequencing… at the end of the month Husband even took us out to see The Lorax.

In these pics, we compared 2 types of fish we saw in One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish… and then painted them!

We started a garden, observed the seeds we planted, measured our sprouts, and went on a field trip… have you seen a pizza garden that looked like a pizza?  Oh – and we did a scavenger hunt at the garden center.   🙂


The best laid plan(ner)s… often go awry April 18, 2012

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Something always works for a little while.

I remember this from a book about sleep training.  Keeping this in mind really prepared me for those rough nights ahead.  It also gave me realistic expectations… I wish I had remembered this going into homeschooling.  Haha!

So I thought I had it all figured out.  I made chore charts and planner pages and planned out schedules and in the month or so that I’ve not blogged, it’s basically gone out the window!  I was so excited to share all the resources I’ve found online and now I’m not using them.  I was bummed at first, but it’s really not a bad thing.  Our daily schedule varies so much because so many new, fun things are happening: Husband is home on leave for a good stretch, We’re doing a co-op unit study, J started T-ball, I’m involved at church more and joined a gym.

Anyway, I did promise a glimpse into what we do…

Here’s a few things that are working… for now.

Managing the Family — I wish these things were picture-worthy… maybe someday I’ll make them cute.

  • As much as it pains me to say, I have ONE calendar.  I love having planners and calendars and if I could manage them all I would probably have a dozen.  Our one calendar is centrally located.  All of our appointments are on there and get transferred into iCal periodically.
  • I have a clipboard for To-Do lists hanging next to the calendar.  It’s nothing fancy – just a lined notepad on a clipboard.
  • I have clipboards hanging below my calendar – One for Parents and one for Kids.  They hold paperwork relevant to events on our calendar (T-ball schedule, dr’s appointment paperwork, etc.)
  • This reminder hangs by my calendar (The idea came from Expo’s FB page):

  • Finally, I’m trying to figure out “What do I do?” and “What do I need to do it?” The idea is to assign an area for each task.  An easy yet still cluttered example is what I need when I go “Out The Door.”  It’s where I keep my keys, my purse, my gym bag, and James’ baseball bag.  I’m pretty sure I pinned this idea… I’ll link to it when I find it.

What we do for “Homeschool”

  • I got some ideas and encouragement from a book called Easy Homeschooling Techniques.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member it’s free on your Kindle.  Or you can check it out from your library like I did.  It focuses a lot on having God in the center of your life and home.  It also focused on reading aloud to your kids.  For me, it took a lot of pressure off of my shoulders.  I thought everyone who home schooled had to buy curriculum or that teaching meant having to use some set lesson plan all the time.  This book broke that mold.
  • We have workbooks for Handwriting, Phonics, and Math.  I tear out sections of each workbook and put them in folders.  J gets to choose what he wants to work on within each folder.  He also has a folder for Reading.  In it he has easy readers and I made sight word flash cards and blend cards that get rotated.
  • J has a checklist — a sheet of paper in a sheet protector.  He marks off each subject with a dry erase marker and gets some computer game time after he completes all of his work.
  • Folders are nice because our daily schedule varies.  What’s great is that it can be done at any time, and they’re very portable.
  • http://www.homeschool-how-to.com is a great website and I keep going back to it for help and resources.
  • www.teachingblogaddict.com is also a fun website loaded with amazing ideas
  • To address the socialization aspect of homeschooling: We are pretty involved with church, sports, and a homeschool group that meets to do field trips and other events.

Our version of homeschool is a result of starting mid-year.  Things will change again this fall… if not sooner.  Going into this next school year, I have ordered curriculum and should have some time to figure that out. I’ll let you know how that goes when we get into it.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite organizing tips!  And if you’re homeschooling, what are your routines and favorite resources?

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