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Time Flies… April 20, 2012

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I want to say “Where did March go?” but it’s already mid-April.  **sigh**  March was a really fun month with the boys.

We started out the month making calendars and talking about things that happen in March.  We found out that in March it was Dr. Seuss’ birthday and the seasons changed from Winter to Spring.  So we used those two things as themes.  When I asked the boys what we could do to celebrate these two things they came up with ideas that turned into projects.  🙂

We went to the library a lot and found new Dr. Seuss books…we did some fun Dr. Seuss themed art… we did story sequencing… at the end of the month Husband even took us out to see The Lorax.

In these pics, we compared 2 types of fish we saw in One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish… and then painted them!

We started a garden, observed the seeds we planted, measured our sprouts, and went on a field trip… have you seen a pizza garden that looked like a pizza?  Oh – and we did a scavenger hunt at the garden center.   🙂


One Response to “Time Flies…”

  1. Julie Says:

    Great photo of the plant. Cool page 🙂

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