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Celebrating marriage July 29, 2012

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To celebrate our anniversary I just wanted to share some things that were spoken at me & husband’s wedding.  They meant a lot 7 years ago.  But now, having journeyed together with him for the past 7 years – making decisions together, living together & apart, growing a family together – it means so much more.  I’m so grateful for these words of love, encouragement & inspiration.  I hope you find them to be inspirational as well.

Read to us by my parents & in-laws at the close of our ceremony:

PERFECT HARMONY – Roma Downey & Phil Coulter

Now you have exchanged solemn vows before God
and made a sacred promise to one another,

to love, honour and cherishand to share the years ahead
You have been joined together but you are still individuals,
Stay very close but allow each other room to breathe

You have made a commitment for the long road
Now you must to learn to be good travelling companions,
Walk with dignity, and walk with God

Stand shoulder to shoulder and take strength from your togetherness

Walk hand in hand and take pride in your closeness

Be open and be honest
But respect each others privacy
Be caring and attentive
But respect each others space

Never forget that you belong together as part of Gods natural law
Just as the waves belong on the ocean and the stars belong in the sky

And as you grow together

let not your love be suffocating but inspiring

Recognizing that each of you have your own special gifts and talents

and remember the sweetest music two voices can make

Is not when they sing the same melody
but rather when two different refrains come into perfect harmony.

The wedding toast given by my brother:

Twenty-seven years ago, a man stood at a podium much like this one at the Schofield Nehelani Officer’s Club and led those in attendance at the wedding of my parents in the toast that I’ve been asked to give today.

When we say “Mabuhay” (Filipino toast) we say long life, and in this context, not only long life for the individual, but long life for the relationship between these two special people.

…This is what I see for the two of you.

I see hard times.

But in the midst of hard times I see courage.  The courage of a soldier: not running away from battle, but running toward it.

I see arguments. I see fire.

But it’s the fire that lets you know your relationship is still alive.  Don’t be scared of the fire. Let it keep you warm.  Let it brighten your path.

I see good times.

But instead of living in anticipation by making the high points the standard for your lives,

I see wisdom that allows you to appreciate them when they come, even the assertiveness to make them happen.

I see tears,

Not of grief, but joy.

I see compromises made out of love, not out of obligation.

I see a couple that, regardless of time or circumstances, refuse to let their marriage be reduced to a whimper.

And it is our hope, our prayer that your journey be one full with blessings, full with victories, and of course,

full of life.

Mabuhay… Mabuhay… Mabuhay

I don’t think my brother meant these words to be prophetic, but I think it describes well where we stand today.  May our marriage continue to be full of life.  Love you husband!


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