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Aaaaand, we’re back March 2, 2013

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So I know I haven’t touched this blog in awhile. But here we are, embarking on quite the adventure — a road trip across the US. What a better way to document some of this stuff?!


We caught the red-eye from HI to SF so sleeping wasn’t hard… For most of us.
I swear husband was surrounded by all the sick people on the plane.


Ah, to be a little one…


So we woke up the kids and bribed them to walk off the plane with promises of chocolate…

B mid-chew of his chocolate croissant


Then we hopped on the plane to get to Portland.

And then we slept some more.

Made it to Portland and got a van to haul our massive amounts of luggage to Vancouver, WA where we are staying.


Our plans for now:
Rest, re-pack luggage for road travel instead of air travel, and pick up Husband’s truck.

We’ll be on the road again soon… I’ll probably consolidate our travel anecdotes here so I don’t clog your Facebook news feed so feel free to follow us as we make our way to Ft. Bragg, NC!



One Response to “Aaaaand, we’re back”

  1. YAY Adventure!! btw clog away I don’t mind. 🙂 xoxo

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