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Guns March 16, 2013

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My kids play with (pretend) guns.
I allow it, I encourage it…
Because I’m not afraid of it.

Husband has grown up hunting, he’s in the army, and he plays video games… So not much chance of hiding the existence of guns in this household. But the main thing is, husband KNOWS guns and continues to research guns. He taught me about guns and I feel safe and confident in his ability to teach our kids.

So yeah. Our kids play with guns. And they shoot things in their pretend play. Deer, moose, bears, and bad guys.

Part of teaching our kids about guns is helping them realize that there is a bad and evil, ugly and dirty, nasty-ness out there. And when it comes after you or someone you love, you fight against it.

Part of teaching our kids about the icky-ness of the world is trying to teach them ways to not be a part of it:
use words first.
its ok to be mad, but we don’t hurt someone just because we’re angry.
love anyway.

I suppose if everyone taught/believed these things we wouldn’t need guns. But too many people have learned to use actions first, to hurt because they’ve been hurt, to hold grudges, and that hatred is ok.

There are so many related points I could try to make about society or life or whatever, but here’s my summary for today:

My kids playing with guns aren’t trying to offend you.
Not everyone can/should handle a gun.
Guns aren’t the enemy. (And in general, people aren’t either.)


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  1. Sharona Says:

    I really love this post. x

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