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I want to go back to Coe again… March 20, 2013

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The other day, Husband and I took the boys to our alma mater.  I’d been back since a bunch of changes were made, but Husband hadn’t.  It was fun to see his face.  We didn’t have such cool lounge areas and wi-fi across the campus


Holy moly.  I walked around and saw these college students…I can’t possibly look 9-13 years older than them can I?!?!  One of our college friends works in the Admissions office… as a counselor… We have kids now.  “Weren’t we JUST hanging out in the dorms together?”

I found this cute post on Pinterest today: What It’s Like To Be In College (as told by our favorite Disney characters)

I have NO idea how I didn’t get pictures taken with any of the PEOPLE we went to visit, but here are our pictures… in case some fellow Kohawks want to see a few campus updates.

This is upper Gage….

20130320-074650.jpg 20130320-074711.jpg

We had lunch with Chaplain Kristin in The Pub… it has booths and couches and such…


We visited Prof. Nordman & Prof. Buckaloo in Hickock.  No changes here unless you count the new faculty.


And Nassif House holds the Admissions Office.  Husband & I were campus tour guides back in the day.  A couple staff members knew us from the time we started dating.


And of course, I stopped in the bookstore to grab some new gear.


(They have some cute new women’s shirts… I didn’t find as much for the guys tho.)

For my fellow Kohawks: I want to go back to Coe again, the college of the west, back to Voorhees hall once more, the chapel, and the old bookstore; I want to go back to Coe again, the college of the west; I wanna go back, I’ve gotta go back to Coe again. At old Coe College in Cedar Rapids, we sling-a-da-ink and push-da-pen along… At old Coe College in Cedar Rapids, we sling-a-da-ink and push-da-pen aloooooong!

And now it’s stuck in your head.  You’re welcome.


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