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The Gateway Arch March 23, 2013

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St. Louis, MO marked the starting point for many pioneers who headed west. That land held the promise of a future and a place to call home.


On our visit to St. Louis, we stopped to see the arch AND the Museum of Westward Expansion which is located under it.


As you can see in the picture below, our road trip covered a lot of the same territory as those westward explorers.  (Don’t mind J’s face… he was “hangry”)


I wish I had a picture of it, but the walls were covered with pictures of the different terrain that spans our beautiful country along with descriptions from Lewis & Clark’s journals.  Oh wait… I guess we do have pictures of it… all the pictures from our road trip!  Cuz we were THERE! 🙂


J: “If I had to travel in this, I would just sit on the box in there.”


B really wanted a picture with this sod house


Can you imagine someone just saying “Go! Explore! Go find out about this stuff, come back, and tell us about it!”  My heart races when I think about it!  Yeah, I want to know what’s over there too!  Let’s go find out!

One of my favorite things about this whole trip has been seeing the little known sites and odd names. Husband & I wondered: What’s the story behind Emigrants Gulch?  What’s the Vore Buffalo Jump? What’s the difference between a basin and a watershed?  Why was this named the French Broad River? (Our initial thought was “who was the french female?” Lol…) Are those rocks flint or slate?  With our smart phones in hand, husband and I took our friends Google and Wikipedia and we explored!  SO MUCH information, just at our fingertips!  We also grabbed books along the way that explained the geological formations that we saw in Utah and a copy of Lewis & Clark’s journals.  We found out about stuff!

You know those people who we learned about in school?  That’s what they did!  They wondered, they explored, they found out about stuff and they told others.  I don’t want to just teach my kids about these people… I want my kids to BE those people.

The best way I can think of to help our kids be those people is to show them… to keep learning and exploring.


St. Louis marked a starting point for us too as this was our last sight-seeing stop before our next duty station, Ft. Bragg.  True, we were stationed at Bragg before, but just the fact that the boys are older will make it such a different experience.

And I am SO excited!


Please enjoy these very touristy photos of our family at the arch.

Here are the kids doing some much-needed  jumping and running before the rest of our drive.

20130323-203721.jpg     20130323-203733.jpg



Husband & I (Photo by J)


Husband laughing at me trying to take a picture of us and the arch…


Aloha for now!


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