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Where are they now… part 2 September 9, 2014

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I know it’s been awhile… Again… But I figured I would be writing about where we are – our physical location. And it’s hard to reflect on a move when you’re in the midst of it.

So. We are in Washington State.

IMG_7263 (First dinner in our new house)

This cross country trip was totally different than last time.



Heading west, we are a different family. Not a party of 4 anymore. We’ve added 2 dogs and of course our little bun in the oven.  Traveling cross country is different when you’re pregnant. I lost some of my adventurous spirit, my preferences leaning more toward sleep and comfort. Husband was the excited one. He suggested we CAMP at Yellowstone as we planned to stop and explore there for a few days anyway. I was a good sport I think.


DSC04717 IMG_7189IMG_7188


(I almost died right after this picture. No joke, a bison almost charged me.)

We are a different family. It’s amazing what a year can do… What a new duty station brings… What a new season of life brings. 

A few highlights from the past year in NC…

J learned new skills – riding a two-wheeled bike… roller skating… painting…

james_skate   IMG_6648

and B and I did a painting/decoupage class too…


The boys had the attention span for longer chapter books – Little Pilgrims Progress, the Magic Treehouse series, Stuart Little, Pinnochio, and The Chronicles of Narnia just to name a few…

We went on family outings like taking the kids fishing and to the movies and to restaurants and camping!

IMG_5575 IMG_5145 

We didn’t have the BBQs and parties like we had in Hawaii but we did make some close friends – and amazingly enough they’ve ended up in Washington too!

I ended up having a social circle OUTSIDE of the Army – joined a local MoPs group and made friends. We met for play dates, but we also left the kids and went out for coffee, partied with 31 and Jamberry, played Bunco, opened up about our struggles and shared our faith.

I took time for me and my interests… I played around with painting…

IMG_5653 IMG_5646IMG_5676

As we enter into this new season in this new duty station, here are some of the things we’ve done and look forward to:

We found a house that we love with a fireplace, yard space, room for a small man cave and a nursery…

IMG_7500IMG_7291  IMG_7442IMG_7439

Washington has lots more yummy comfort food to offer this local girl (compared to NC)…


And we got here at a great time of year to roam around a few water ways…

  IMG_7539       IMG_7642          IMG_7727

We’ve made the decision to put J in public school but keep B home for another year or so… We’ve found a church we look forward to participating with in MoPs and AWANA… and Husband has already experienced some awesome training while in this new unit.

As I write this post, the evidence of our being amidst transition is… loud and in the background. Haha… Pray for us!  B misses his brother while he’s in school so he is on his back (sometimes literally) every second from the time he steps off the bus until bed.  J’s mood swings back and forth – he thinks he wants to be home with me all day yet he comes home each day saying school was awesome and then is easily upset by dinner time.  He also probably has to sit still for too long so he bounces everywhere. 

I am just a few days away from my due date so I guess you can expect my next post to take awhile.  But just wanted to reflect a bit and share.  Thanks for being a part of our adventure!